Ryan Degale (Trainer/Lab Testing)

Ryan is from Bridgetown, Barbados and has lived in Miami Beach for over four years.  He is a National Personal Training Institute certified trainer with over ten years of strength coaching experience.  After graduating from NPTI, Ryan went on to pursue a specialization in golf conditioning and rehabbing injuries.  He performs comprehensive assessments and individualizes programs which are tailored to each client’s needs and goals ensuring the achievements that clients desire.  Ryan is a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist which emphasizes looking at health from a biological stand point.  Being a 1 handicap golfer translated well when Ryan pursued his Chek Golf Performance Certification.  With three years at Equinox South Beach, he was able to work with clients who suffered from various injuries such as ACL tears, rotator cuff tears, and lower back pain to name a few.  He also specializes in pre and post natal training.  Ryan’s mission focuses on aiding his clients to be pain free and to be healthy from the inside out while hitting longer drives!

Roberto Guzman

Born and raised in Colombia, Roberto Guzman moved to Miami in 1995. He has been working in the fitness industry for over 10 years. Growing up as an obese and inactive kid, he recognized the benefits of exercise and healthy eating at 19 years old. After losing over 80 pounds the good old fashioned way- through diet and exercise, he knew he had to help others better themselves. Roberto became certified as a personal trainer in addition to obtaining indoor cycling & kettlebell certifications and rounded off his education with massage therapy school. Roberto has worked with well known fitness brands such as Equinox and David Barton Gym where he was not only a sought after personal trainer, but also a group fitness instructor with a cult following. Roberto established his clientele throughout the years and decided to establish his own brand, 7Fitness, which has grown tremendously since it’s inception in 2013. You can find Roberto leading group fitness classes at Anatomy at 1220 and providing one-on-one training at SHIFT.

Brian Kreis

Brian Kreis is an innovator in the fitness world. Training for over 20 years, looking at the body from the inside out allows the tailoring of programming for each individual to reach their ultimate level. The desire to help people in life through fitness is Brian’s ultimate goal. Combine this with an outstanding knowledge base, energy, motivation, customer service and will to succeed, Brian gets the job done! Brian has worked with everything from sport-specific training to disease control. i.e. diabetes, osteo-genesis imperfecta, cancer, obesity and other diseases.

Through a specialized technique coined, The Kreis Technique, Brian has the ability to find muscle imbalance quite quickly. This allows for immediate exercise prescription to help correct whatever the issue may be. From finding mild subluxations to postural correction, the Kreis Technique will find it and correct it.

A functional training specialist with the desire to keep educating, Brian is a fitness educator for trainers and clients alike. In some cases, even doctors and physical therapists will consult with Brian. Over the years, Brian has taught over 300 trainers how to be great at what they do and keep the desire to help people alive.

Developing new and exciting exercise regimens on different apparatus’ is something that feeds Brian’s creativity. From suspension training to basic movement, Brian has it all covered.



American Council on Exercise PT

Medical Exercise Specialist

Flexibility Technician

Pre-Post Natal certified

CPR/AED certified

Florida Safety Director for USA Waterski

post rehab technician

Certified in modalities of the knee, hip, shoulder, spine



Cody Patrick (Owner)

Cody Patrick is a well known figure in the fitness community.  He opened SHIFT in 2010 under the name of U-Fit Health and Performance but changed the name to embrace his love for the Sunset Harbor community. SHIFT has been an evolutionary project for Cody as he has continued to work on improving the location and the trainers to best suit the clientele of Miami.

Cody has been in fitness since 1999 and has had great success and has developed a stellar reputation.  He holds degrees in Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics and has a number of other certifications including American College of Sports Medicine and level 1 myofascial stretch therapy.  Cody takes pride in his work a truly loves what he does.  He has been the trainer to some of Miami’s most prominent and influential figures since he moved here in 2004.  For more information about Cody visit www.codypatrick.com