Brian Kreis

Brian Kreis is an innovator in the fitness world. Training for over 20 years, looking at the body from the inside out allows the tailoring of programming for each individual to reach their ultimate level. The desire to help people in life through fitness is Brian’s ultimate goal. Combine this with an outstanding knowledge base, energy, motivation, customer service and will to succeed, Brian gets the job done! Brian has worked with everything from sport-specific training to disease control. i.e. diabetes, osteo-genesis imperfecta, cancer, obesity and other diseases.

Through a specialized technique coined, The Kreis Technique, Brian has the ability to find muscle imbalance quite quickly. This allows for immediate exercise prescription to help correct whatever the issue may be. From finding mild subluxations to postural correction, the Kreis Technique will find it and correct it.

A functional training specialist with the desire to keep educating, Brian is a fitness educator for trainers and clients alike. In some cases, even doctors and physical therapists will consult with Brian. Over the years, Brian has taught over 300 trainers how to be great at what they do and keep the desire to help people alive.

Developing new and exciting exercise regimens on different apparatus’ is something that feeds Brian’s creativity. From suspension training to basic movement, Brian has it all covered.



American Council on Exercise PT

Medical Exercise Specialist

Flexibility Technician

Pre-Post Natal certified

CPR/AED certified

Florida Safety Director for USA Waterski

post rehab technician

Certified in modalities of the knee, hip, shoulder, spine