Roberto Guzman

Born and raised in Colombia, Roberto Guzman moved to Miami in 1995. He has been working in the fitness industry for over 10 years. Growing up as an obese and inactive kid, he recognized the benefits of exercise and healthy eating at 19 years old. After losing over 80 pounds the good old fashioned way- through diet and exercise, he knew he had to help others better themselves. Roberto became certified as a personal trainer in addition to obtaining indoor cycling & kettlebell certifications and rounded off his education with massage therapy school. Roberto has worked with well known fitness brands such as Equinox and David Barton Gym where he was not only a sought after personal trainer, but also a group fitness instructor with a cult following. Roberto established his clientele throughout the years and decided to establish his own brand, 7Fitness, which has grown tremendously since it’s inception in 2013. You can find Roberto leading group fitness classes at Anatomy at 1220 and providing one-on-one training at SHIFT.